Multinational Sales & Leasing Corp Blog

I am in my third week here and I am impressed with my finance manager and general manager. The only way that I was going to get back into the car business was if I was going to be allowed the freedom to do things a new way. I have no desire to change the business completely but I want to ditch the antiquated way of doing business that the industry still subscribes to. You can ask a dealer how many cars they have in their inventory and from there guess how many cars a month they sell, how many salesman they have working there, how much they spend on advertising, etc.

My goal here is to be the best prospector on the staff and have a pipeline of warm leads and reach a point where I don’t have to rely on lot traffic, and phone calls to sell cars. So far I have a wonderful lead generator named Barbara who has sent 4 people my way in less than 3 weeks. If I had 10 Barbara’s on staff I’d have to give some of the prospects to other people because I couldn’t handle the traffic. Malcolm Gladwell would call Barbara a Connector.

Today’s special is a 2014 Kia Forte that would be great for a first time buyer. It has only 11,343 miles on it and plenty of factory warranty left. Check it out at Anyone that would like to get a $100 referral check just give me the information of a potential buyer and I’ll do the rest.

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